In line with the objectives of the first economic plan of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the electricity distribution sector was formed from electricity companies in isolated regions under the name of power distribution companies in the form of non-governmental companies.

In this regard, Mazandaran Electricity Distribution Company started operating in October 1992 with the geographical range of the easternmost point of Kalaleh city to the westernmost point of Tonekabon city with fourteen cities. By the end of 1997, due to the new divisions of the country and the increase of the cities of the province, the scope of activity of the Mazandaran Electricity Distribution Company increased to 22 cities.

With the creation of Golestan province, from 01/01/1998, the city limits of Golestan province with the name of Golestan Electricity Distribution Company were separated from Mazandaran Electricity Distribution Company and the scope of activity of Mazandaran Electricity Distribution Company was limited to fifteen cities.

With the formation of West Mazandaran Electricity Distribution Company in November 1998, currently the scope of activity of Mazandaran Electricity Distribution Company from west to east including Amol, Amol Shargh, South Babol, North Babol, Babolsar, Fereydunkenar, Simorgh, Joybar, Ghaemshahr Savadkuh, North Savadkuh, South Sari, North Sari, Miandrood, Neka, Amir Kola, Behshahr and Gulogah.

In line with the policies of the Ministry of Energy and Tavanir Company, Mazandaran Power Distribution Company is responsible for supplying electricity from entry points to delivery points to customers, developing and modifying distribution networks, selling branches and energy, providing after-sales services and optimizing energy consumption through planning. Is responsible for engineering, monitoring and control, implementing a dynamic management system, employing specialized and efficient manpower, using modern equipment and technology, satisfying and creating the desired facilities for electricity subscribers, and reducing non-technical complaints and losses.

       We seek to develop, improve and support infrastructure by establishing maintenance systems, asset management, applied research with an approach to improving productivity and reducing energy losses based on valid national and international standards to ensure customer satisfaction and increase capabilities. Ensure application at the company level through strategic planning.

       We believe that our employees are our most valuable resources that help us achieve the highest organizational level. Therefore, in order to achieve lean production and the company's goals in line with the policies announced by the Ministry of Energy and support of national production through the establishment of transformation management at the desired cost, we pursue these serious tasks by pursuing the following strategies:

1. Providing electronic services

2. Establishment of administrative transformation management

3. Minimization and outsourcing

4. Development of intelligent electricity networks

5. Increase liquidity

6. Establish performance-based management

7. Development of electricity supply to villages without electricity through new energies

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